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Organic Açaí Sorbet


  • +70% açaí, highest concentration in the market.
  • Açaí with Guarana
  • Silky smooth creamy texture.
  • 18 months shelf life from date of production
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Creamy. Delicious. Refreshing. All the things you love in an ice cream without refined sugar, chemicals and artificial flavors. The two most popular jungle berries combined to create a healthy and delicious Açaí Sorbet you can eat on a regular basis, while you also nourish your body with nutrients, antioxidants and omegas. All these benefits naturally provided by nature, at its finest form. And it is scoopable.


Ingredients: Organic açaí puree, organic guanará syrup, filter water, less than 0.5% acacia gum, xanthan gum, citric acid.

Additional information


0.5L, 2L

Nutritional Value

Nutritional facts per: 100g

Energy : 111kcal / 464 kJ
Fat : 3,9g
Of which :
Saturates : 1,0g
Mono-unsaturates : 2,3g
Polyunsaturated carbohydrate : 16,6g
Of which :
Sugars : 15,4g
Fiber : 3,2g
Protein : 0,7g
Salt : 0,0g


Ready to Eat Açaí Sorbet
Pre-mix for making own açaì bowls/smoothies
Fruit Salad

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