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Açaí berry

The original

B.you and LA ÇAÍ offer you hand-crafted and high quality products made from the  most nutritious berries in the world.
Official açai distributor in Belgium
Laçai is your Açai Supplier in Belgium and açai bar in Brussels
The amazon power

What is açaí?

Açaí is a small berry that comes from South America. It contains a lot of nutritious benefits and is considered as a superfuit since it’s loaded with antioxidants, rich minerals, healthy fatty acids and low amounts of sugar.
This berry is generally served in « açaí bowls », thick vegan smoothie bowls loaded with a variety of fresh fruits, granola, seeds, nuts, peanut butter, etc. The combination of these toppings creates a nutrient-rich breakfast and/or snack that’s perfect for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Our açaí partner

B.you X LA ÇAÍ

We are the official distributor of B.you products in Belgium. Choosing to work with B.you guarantees us high quality organic products and an eco-responsible exploitation of the açaí palms:
Harvesting is done by hand
B.you supports the local economy
The quality and freshness of açaí berries remains unaltered
Our catalog

Your açaí starter pack

We select the best açaí products to help you preparing high quality snacks and drinks for your clients:
Why açaí

The power fruit

It has many virtues that will have a real impact on the development of your business. Açaí berries are mainly known and sought by customers for their multiple benefits:
It’s a nutrient-dense food
It’s loaded with antioxidants
It boosts brain function
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Our special place

Discover our café

The story of LA ÇAÍ is a story of travel and encounters. While travelling the world being an airline pilot - Aymen fell
in love with açaí during a trip to Brazil. By creating his own café in Brussels, Aymen wanted to introduce europeans
to the benefits of açaí and to bring a healthy solution to the modern and urban lifestyle.
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healthy Açaí bowl in an Açaí bar in the middle of Brussels

What our clients say

Our first time trying out an acai bowl and we were pleasently surprised that we relished it. Definite must have! 🤩
Best Açaí bowl in the country, no doubt! I felt like in Brazil! A blast! Highly recommended! 👍🇧🇷
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