LA ÇAÍ - Healthy Açaí Bowls & Smoothies

The original taste from the Amazon forest

We are an Açaí supplier in Belgium

We are your ideal partner to add energy and freshness to your project with this unique Amazonian fruit. We offer high quality products directly from our Açai producer. If you also want to work with this special berry, contact us and tell us your story.

Why choose LA ÇAÍ as Your Açaí supplier ?

  • Local Açaí distributor in Belgium
  • 100% Brazilian açaí certified organic 
  • Based in Brussels
  • Fast delivery
  • Transparency from order to delivery
  • Opportunity to taste our Açaí products in our Açaí café

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Our products

We work with to bring you qualitative açaí products from catering to retail.
We only work with raw ingredients for bulk manufacturing.


Our objective with respect and value all that nature offers us does not use any refined sugar, organic or otherwise, in any of its products. makes its own organic açaí using the highest percentage of fruit in all products (> 70%). supports the ecosystem by guaranteeing the sustainable origin and high quality of its partners by choosing them very carefully.
Açai Supplier in Belgium directly from açai producer to your business

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