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Your Açaí products:

We have selected three iconic and versatile açaí products that will allow you to make the best preparations :

Organic Açaí Sorbet

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Organic Açaí Puree

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how to use açaí ?

As açaí distributor, we can offer you personalised guidance on how to integrate açaí products into your menu for your restaurant, café or bar. In addition, we are happy to share with you our best recipes for using our products.
Qualitative açaí products like Organic Açaí Puree, Organic Açaí Powder, Organic Açaí Sorbet with Guarana
Our açai partner


Choosing to work with B.you guarantees us high quality organic products and an eco-responsible and exploitation of the açaí palms:
Harvesting is done by hand
B.you supports the local economy
The quality and freshness of açaí berries remains unaltered
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