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Working with Açaí

The benefits and story of Açaï

Açaí berries offer a lot of nutritious and health benefits that will boost the customer experience of your clients:


Açaí berries have a unique nutritional profile for a fruit, as they’re known to be high in fat and low in sugar.

Loaded with

Açaí is incredibly rich in antioxidants. It has been shown to have stronger antioxidant properties than blueberry.

Boost brain

Açaí may counteract the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidation in the brain and helps stimulate its “housekeeping” response.
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Healthy & unique

In the recent years, açaí has become increasingly popular in the world of catering but also in the world of healthy nutrition. Indeed, people are looking for a healthy and tasty alternative to their usual snacks. Besides being vegan and healthy, açaí products are also easy to use and to combine with any ingredients.

Açaí also offers a unique opportunity to take a tasty and cultural leap to South America with only a spoonful.

By providing you high quality products, LA ÇAÍ ensures you to give the best açaí experience to your clients.
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From Brazil to Belgium

LA ÇAÍ Story

The story of LA ÇAÍ is a story of travel and encounters. While travelling the world being an airline pilot, Aymen fell in love with açaí during a trip to Brazil. By creating LA CAÍ, Aymen wanted to introduce Europeans to the benefits of açaí and to bring a healthy solution to the modern and urban lifestyle : this is how LA ÇAÍ became an açaí bar, distributor and supplier for Belgium and its surrounding countries.

Since then, it’s a long story of sharing and discovering açaí and South-American culture that has been written in the heart of Brussels.
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Our commitment as açai supplier

& Quality

Our variety of açaí products are ready for your safe consumption:
Organic, vegan, gluten and dairy-free
Free from any chemical coloring agents, fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners and any other artificial ingredients
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About B.you

LA ÇAÍ promotes a healthy lifestyle and ensures a better quality of life. Choosing to work with B.you guarantees us an eco-responsible and organic exploitation of the açaí palms. :
Harvesting is done by hand, and their cultures allow the reforestation of damaged areas.
B.you supports the local economy by making sure açaí berries are sourced exclusively from a selection of local organic farmers
The quality and freshness of açaí berries remains unaltered. B.you makes sure the fruits are harvested at the peak of their nutrition. They are then thoroughly cleansed, pulped and instantly flash frozen.
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Açaí supplier and açai distributor in Belgium and surrounding countries of brand Byou
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an açaí guidance?

As açaí supplier and açai distributor, we can offer you personalised guidance on how to integrate açaí into your menu for your restaurant, café or bar. In addition, we are happy to share with you our best recipes for using our products.
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