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How to make

The Mixed Berries Açaí Bowl

Using b you organic açaí puree
Discover heatlhy and easy açaí recipes to create mixed berries açaí bowl


200G of Organic Açaí puree Bio
200G of red fruits
1 Tablespoon of coconut nectar
Peanut butter
Shredded coconut


  • Add all the ingredients in the blender, blend for about 50 seconds or until it is creamy and homogeneous.
  • Tips : use 1 frozen banana and 1 fresh one in this recipe to guarantee that smooth desired texture.
  • Your Mixed Berries Açaí Bowl is ready !

Guess is true you don´t need much to be happy. With our Açaí Puree - only açaí and water -you can create a wide variety of açaí recipes. The final mix is up to you. The B.you Organic Açaí Puree has no added sugars and is all filled with antioxidants, omega 6 and 9, vitamin C: a world of nutrients your body needs. The best part? You can have a delicious and nutritious drop with little effort and quick to prepare.

  • Raw & Unsweetened - 100% Puree, no added sugar or other sweeteners.
  • Ideal for making açaí bowls and smoothies, as os originally consumed in Brazil
  • 18 months shelf life from date of production.

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